The Things We Did Next will exist across multiple platforms: performance, podcast and publishing.

Conceived as a performance for a live studio audience in the form of a speculative talk show, guests ‘perform’ a future version of themselves, weaving together personal story and professional practice within their vision for the future, as told retrospectively. The exchange between guest and talk show host, Alex Kelly, takes place in the round in a controlled performance space that evokes the changes in climate that will have taken place over the preceding ten years. 

The podcast is a singular experience for the listener, taking them on a speculative journey ten years ahead into a world where image has given way to sound as the primary aesthetic marker. A combination of intimate conversation and historical data, the experience immerses the listener in a world slowly built by host and guest and a Future Archive that draws on known persons’ projections into the future. 

Publishing the performance and podcast online will occur through live streaming and pre-recorded formats respectively. In addition, the content produced by guests, the accumulating stories of the future and the personae created to advance the narratives, will be material for a range of conventional publishing outcomes such as a book of images, essays, project documentation or a combination of all three.